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17ft Norwegian pram

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Customer testimonials:
"First I would like to thank you for putting out the design. I love the pram type hulls. They are attractive and unique to look at (certainly my opinion anyways). They are very impressive in there functionality and load carrying ability.

I have looked over the plans pretty well and I like what I see so far. I have built another "stich and glue" boat from a well known designer. Your plans are extremely thorough compared to the other. I was quite surprised by the amount of added information you include in the plan price. It is all excellent information and a great reference to have on hand. I think your purchase price is low for what the buyer gets. It is nice to find a great value these days. The pram designs are limited mainly to small tenders and such for the most part so again I am pleased you put out the design in this size.

I am a big fan of the stich and glue method. It opens a lot of possibilities for the amateur builder like myself. I will probably not get started until late summer on the pram. I have quite a bit more confidence now than I did with the previous build. I plan on much more of a high quality build with the pram. I will certainly document it well with photos and send them to you. I would be greatly honored if you used any of the photos of my build. I am one of the people that really enjoy peoples build photos as well. It is true "a picture is worth 1000 words".

Thanks again for putting out such an attractive design in such a useful 17' size. I am anxious to get going on the project and will send you plenty of photos when it's up and going."

Scott A Souder, USA
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