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Boat Building Master Course - Complete with Instruction and Boat Plans

Boat Building Master Course - Exclusive paperback and Kindle version

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Everything you need to know is included in this impressive Boat Building Master Course. Written in everyday language (not techy jargon). It gives you complete knowledge of boat building from bow to stern including:

Easy-to-follow instructions, sketches and photos that cover every step of the process so you can actually see how it's done.

Insider tips and tricks I've discovered over my lifetime as a master boat builder and Naval Architect that will help you solve complicated problems the easy way!

And included in this exclusive printed version of the Master Course is 3 full sets of boat plans.

16ft Ozarks float boat - boat plans
Boat plans for the 16' Ozarks float boat is included in the Boat Building Master Course. The Ozarks float boat is ideal for paddling.

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Readers reviews

By Hugh Murdoch, Victoria, Australia

Boat Building Master Course This book is one of the clearest and most concise explanations of the stitch and glue method of boatbuilding that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Written by a master of his subject I can highly recommend it to anyone contemplating building a boat by this method - especially first time boat builders. The author has a disarming and relaxed way of taking the prospective builder through the process step by step - leaving nothing to chance.

There's a comprehensive section on the use and handling of epoxy resins and a very useful section on the meaning and process of lofting - which completely demystifies this sometimes 'scary' process.

The three boat plans at the end of the book are an ideal choice and size for a first time builder, and come as an added bonus to this superb volume.

I've personally had a lifetime of experience in boatbuilding - constructing plywood boats from 8' to 28' - and I've also worked in a boat yard doing boat maintenance. I found a few delightful titbits of information in Morten's book that were news to me. So we're never too old to learn.

I've built one of Morten's designs and can vouch for his personal commitment and helpfulness to all of his clients. He's an experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy designer.

With this book at your fingertips you could be absolutely confident of achieving a first class outcome during the building process - building a boat you could be proud to own. Amaze your friends by beginning today. With a copy of this book you'll not look back!

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Readers reviews

By Connie Enghoff

After the pleasure of having read Morten Olsens book "Boat Building Master Course" I will be happy to share my opinion about the book.

The Boat Building Master Course is a great and inspiring book written in a language easy to understand.

The author manages to encourage you to believe that you can really build a boat on your own and with good results.

The book is well separated in sections making it easy to understand the building process. This keeps it easy concentrating on one topic at a time. Many good illustrations and clear explanations make it easy to understand how to do it.

After reading the book you know everything you need to know about, choosing a boat, materials, tools, workshop and security measures. Included in the book is also how you prepare for each step in the boat building process and even a little historical background.

If I ever doubted that I could build a boat myself, the doubts disappeared completely after reading the Boat Building Master Course.

If you have a dream about building your own boat, I would recommend you read the Boat Building Master Course by Morten Olesen and I am sure your dream will come true.

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About the Author

Master boat builder and Naval Architect Morten Olesen is the owner of the company, which for decades has delivered boat plans for home and back yard boat builders all over the world. Morten's company is devoted to deliver innovative boat plans that are simple to understand. Or as Morten puts it:

"Boat building can seem like an overwhelming task. How can someone take a boat design, follow the boat plans and turn it into a gorgeous sailing vessel he can be proud of? It's easy when you are under my direction."

Morten was born and raised on the waters of Denmark/Scandinavia where wooden boat building is a life-long tradition. He learned about boat design first-hand from generations of experts that came before him. His idea was to create a line of exclusive, quality boat designs as well as detailed instruction and support materials that would allow boat builders of every skill level to create the wooden boat of their dreams. Incorporating innovative features, his line of boat plans gives you more than just ordinary boat designs.

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